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14th June 2021 
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Preconception and Pregnancy Reflexology

Reflexology is a safe therapy to use throughout pregnancy, I am qualified in pre-conception, pregnancy and post natal reflexology which will enable me to support clients throughout their journey.

"I had the most wonderful reflexology treatment with Yolanda. Being in my second trimester of pregnancy I have the usual aches and pains, back pain, heartburn and exhaustion. I felt amazing after the treatment, so light and blissed out. I had the best sleep in months the night after I was treated. The benefits lasted for days afterwards making me feel really relaxed and the neck pain I had for months disappeared and has not returned! I highly recommend Yolanda, her technique is perfect, she is very talented! " Sheila Hawley

I bring about a holistic approach and offer treatment plans for couples wishing to conceive and also support women through to motherhood and beyond. During treatments I will focus on specific aims such as reducing stress levels, balancing hormones and eliminating toxins to ensure that the body is in optimum condition. I will also support clients to make positive lifestyle changes.

Reflexology is a great treatment to enjoy whist pregnant, not only does it allow women to take time out to relax but may also support the body with all the major changes, maintain wellbeing and help with a number of common pregnancy symptoms such as back pain, heartburn, sleep issues and anxiety. I also provide specific treatments for the later stages of pregnancy to focus on stimulating natural labour.

Post natal
After the birth I provide treatments to focus on re-balancing hormones, maintaining energy levels, emotional wellbeing and relaxation. Your baby is more than welcome to be present during the treatment.

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